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Asphalt is the world’s most widely used paving material. In Australia alone, it forms the surfacing on many of the paved footpaths, cycleways, roads, motor, and freeways throughout the country and particularly in urban areas. Many local Councils, School and Church Grounds, Shopping Centres, Commercial, Industrial and Residential sites choose Asphalt as their preferred pavement.

The widespread use of Asphalt reflects its extraordinary versatility. lt enables production of paving in a wide range of economical, durable forms that can be precisely tailored to the intended use and the funds available.

Asphalt pavements are economical to build, maintain and rehabilitate and, when properly designed and constructed by an experienced Asphalt Contractor, will last for many years with appropriate and timely maintenance.

Asphalt is commonly recycled, either by recycling in situ at the end of its life, or by removal and incorporation in a new Asphalt mix. This provides environmental benefits by reducing the demand on raw materials and re-use of a material so readily available.


  • Commonly used and cost effective.
  • Speed and ease of materials and construction.
  • Smooth riding surface, low traffic noise and good skid resistance.
  • Can be used almost immediately after construction.
  • Easy maintenance, rehabilitation and strengthened if required.
  • Environmentally friendly product being 100 percent Recyclable.

What you need to know –
Asphalt is a material with properties that depend on the location in which it is being used, its component materials and the loads to which it is subjected to. It is worth considering using a professional Asphalt Contractor to assist with alternative solutions for your next project.

Need assistance?
Ozpave has the expertise and experience to assist in Asphalt Paving solutions. Read further about our Asphalt laying services or contact us should you have further questions.

Congratulations and thank you to all those involved in the current resurfacing of the Cycleway. You have done a fantastic job which is, appreciated by all riders that are regularly using the Cycleway. Oh, and the recent mowing of the grass verges along the Cycleway is the best I have seen during the four years I have been using this amazing facility. What a great overall achievement by you all! See you out there boys and girls. Regards, Colin Tiplady.
Colin Tiplady

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